This is the End.

iWorldz Owner posted Thu at 7:21
Hey there guys and gals! This is iWorldz here, just to inform you guys of what is going to be happening.

Myself and Z0MBlEZ have decided to move away from the FaxionMC scene and to drop it completely. With this said, FaxionMC will not be coming up again. This is the end, my friends. It was an amazing experience getting to know so many of you, but even better seeing all the familiar faces under new ownership! FaxionMC simply wasn't able to be the same and was becoming something else. Not that it was bad, but simply not what I had in mind for FaxionMC in the first place. I hope to see many of you in the future as I may roam around on different Minecraft servers. If you happen to see me, don't be afraid to say hello! My entire experience on Faxion was awesome and  I don't regret any part of it!

Sorry, for the bad news, my friends. My intent with running FaxionMC was to have it the same as it was in the past. I hope many of you understand my position on this. Hope to see you guys some time in the future!
chuck12334 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i was excited for the reset D: gimme my donor money back lul
stuflo19 hey guys i just got a server do u think with enough effort we ould recreate faxion and get everyone on with enough help ...
xmanninja iWorldz u nub y u do dis skrub

Unfortunate Occurrence

iWorldz Owner posted May 31, 14

As many of you guys have noticed, Raid has been down for over 30 hours. I'm going to briefly explain the situation.

Early Friday, we found ourselves encountering a huge error report. We managed to get about 600,000 lines of errors within a minute. After looking through the reports we found that we ran into a few corrupted files. At the time, we didn't know how it happened and what caused it, but digging deeper we found that the server's HDD had some major issues. The HDD had reached max capacity.

Due to this event, 75% of our player file had been wiped. We found that players with usernames starting from number "0" to the letter "I" were still intact, the rest disappeared. The information that was stored in the player includes ranks and player specific permissions. We will be able to recover donor ranks, but the ranks acquired through in-game are not recoverable.

In order to balance these issues out, we need a little input from you guys. We want to provide you guys with bonuses to make up for the catastrophe. We are not only going to fix the situation, but are going to ensure that the problem does not happen in the future.

Here are some possibilities of bonuses:
- Prestige tokens
- 30% discount on all donor ranks.
- 50% discount on Prestige Tokens.

- Homes
- Current balances
- Inventories
- Enderchests
- Vaults
loveradke .-. My name is Loveradke and I got reset. Unless that's a capital I its impossible to tell. xD
conndor4 iworldz?
conndor4 is the server down again i cant log on

Future of FaxionMC

iWorldz Owner posted May 5, 14
Hey everyone! This is just to inform you all on the status of Raid and FaxionMC as a whole.

Faxion Raid
Our full attention is being focused on finishing Raid as soon as possible! We feel that the players have waited far too long to play this widely favored server. 

Quite a few things have changed since the last version of Raid was up. First off, extended_clip, the long-time owner, has appointed myself (iWorldz) and Z0MBlEZ the position to manage FaxionMC for the time being. Clip will not be dropping from FaxionMC completely, he has simply decided to focus his attention on other projects.

For this new version of Raid, everything will be wiped. This excludes donor ranks. All previous donors will be receiving ranks of equivalent value. This means we will be starting fresh, with a brand new, untouched map.

Other Servers
Raid will not be our final project, it is only the first priority. After we launch Raid, we will be looking into getting ECP back up. We may or may not wipe ECP. An input from players will be needed before we make a final decision.

Another server we are looking forward to releasing is Creative. We love to see people show off their building capabilities, and why not on our very own network?!

We are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces on FaxionMC! See you guys soon!
MAJOR_MINER_49ER god damnit i worked so hard but oh well at least the server will be up again. its better then nothing
chargedcreeper9 I also used the exploit a little bit to rank up but I don't care if you take the rank away (Was Addict legit before the ...
chargedcreeper9 Hey I found an exploit. People can buy iron blocks and sell 9 iron ingots for more than they bought the iron blocks for. ...
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